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Learn more. Cultivate your strengths. Communicate with confidence, passion and clarity.

My trainings will help you grow as a person and fuel your professional career. You’ll learn new methods, tools and insights that are relevant and usable on a daily basis.

All of my trainings are tailor-made and focus on interactive learning. From video 1:1s to intensive on-site trainings for entire teams – together we’ll find the right solution for your needs.

Get in touch, if you want to discuss how I can support you or your team. 

Strategy & Positioning

Why do we need strategy, what distinguishes it from concept and how do we develop strategies?

Before we present ourselves to the market and our customers, we need to know what drives us and what makes us – our brand, product or service – special. 

You’ll learn how to ask the right questions and how to find unique values for a distinctive positioning. 

You’ll learn how to precisely describe your offering and how to create a tangible and real story behind your strategy.  

This training will give you the tools you need to develop the fundament for you communication, design and behavior.

Pitching & Presenting

Presentations give you the perfect opportunity to convince and inspire people. But what makes a good presentation? How to turn good ideas into gripping stories? How to design slides that stick – instead of putting your audience to sleep? How to perform with confidence and captivate your audience?

You’ll learn how to spin a red thread and how to develop a dramaturgy for your presentation. You’ll learn how to turn facts into living, breathing stories that are relatable and relevant to your audience.

Based on scientific insights from perception psychology and straightforward design principles, you’ll learn to create presentations that not only look good but are also memorable.

You’ll also learn to perform with confidence and to have fun. How do I deal with nervousness? What do I do with my hands? Through gestures, facial expressions, and language you learn to present in a vivid way and to inspire your audience.

What my clients say

“I thought I was a real pitch professional. But then Benjamin came along. His presentation-training is a blast. Insightful. Entertaining. Inspiring. An absolute must do!”

Joerg G. Fieback, Managing Director Creation @ zebra Group

“Caution danger of addiction! Benjamin establishes new points of view and ignites creative fires. He is an excellent listener and storyteller. He is ready to give his all when you are ready to leave your comfort zone. We look forward to his next visit!

Christian Gohr, Partner @ H2F Kommunikationsagentur

“With your charming, calm and practical approach you managed to turn our whole team into great presenters.

One believes you when you say that presenting is the most beautiful thing in the world. We have all learned a lot – not only by listening but also by doing. The positive feedback in pitches and from regular customers is proof of this. Thanks a lot!”

– Johannes Zauner, Creative Director @ Atelier Seitz