Volkswagen Financial Services

Creative Direction


Art Direction – Gregor Havenstein
UX – Maksim Mur'ye
Copywriting – Nadine Pieper
Motion Design – Filmgraphik


More than "Das Auto".

During the summer of 2015 we developed a new digital marketing- and communications strategy for Volkswagen Financial Services as part of a new business pitch.

The idea was to include Volkswagen’s financial services into the Volkswagen ecosystem – ranging from cars to mobility services as well as financial products. Instead of sending the client a 200+ pages PowerPoint presentation, we decided to produce a short movie that captured our ideas and challenged the client briefing.

We were invited to a second round to further elaborate our strategy – unfortunately, the project got canceled shortly after, because of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

In my role as the Creative Director, I was responsible for the idea and approach, storyboarding, look & feel of the design and movie as well as the team lead.