Creative Direction


Art Direction – Patrick Hartwig
UX – Nadine Pieper, Maksim Mur'ye
Copywriting – Nadine Pieper
Motion Design – Sebastian Kübler


my Home.

As a part of the Postbank's new positioning "digital & personal", we haven been approached by our client's real estate credit department to improve their digital services and create a digital positioning.

Instead of coming up with a landing page with an improved credit calculator, we envisioned a new storytelling approach and a complete overhaul of existing services – including a new digital branding within the Postbank brand universe.

In my role as the Creative Director, I was responsible for the strategy and storytelling approach. As a first step, we presented a short movie at the annual Postbank management conference last year, to kick off the project.  We are currently working with Postbank and ImmobilienScout24 on the next stage of our idea.